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The book publishing industry has shifted with digital reading, audiobooks, and self-publishing. Amazon holds the bulk of the market share in the US, with over 60-70% of book sales and up to 80% of book distribution. 

Embracing the modern era, Stubborn RAM Publishing offers services that cater to tech-savvy readers. We handle formatting, while taking a strategic approach to distribution, ensuring your book is accessible on the best major platforms.

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Lovers Belong in Straitjackets

186 Pages

Get your young adults ready for Haylie Nicole Stopher ‘Lovers Belong in Straitjackets,’ a collection of sharp, tender, and tearing poetry and prose served straight from the heart, gut, and skull.

They’ll dive into four captivating chapters that explore denial, heartbreak, love(ish), and painful truths, all accompanied by original illustrations. ‘Lovers Belong in Straitjackets’ promises to deliver an unforgettable literary experience.

"Their commitment to their authors is unparalleled, and I'm grateful for their support and expertise. I couldn't have asked for a better publishing experience."

John Doe

"From concept to publication, Stubborn RAM was with me every step. Couldn't ask for a better publishing experience."

Dan Waldo

"Stubborn RAM Publishing turned my writing dream into reality. Their services and support are top-notch."

Jane Smith

Lovers Belong in Straitjackets

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