We  ignite the passion

 Stubborn RAM Publishing transforms writers into published authors, with preference given to previously rejected works.

We provide comprehensive services from cover art selection to formatting and marketing, making your publishing journey effortless and enjoyable.

We reward the stubborn pursuit to become a published author. Ram Forward. 

Our story

Stubborn RAM Publishing was born out of a passion for stories and a desire to make the publishing process more accessible for aspiring authors. Through our own daunting querying experiences, we knew the publishing industry could be discouraging for newcomers, and we set out to change that. We envisioned a service that would not only give preference to previously rejected works but would breathe new life in print and digital form.

From humble beginnings, we look ahead to becoming a robust publishing house that helps aspiring authors realize their dreams of becoming published. Stubborn RAM Publishing will bring a diverse array of stories to readers worldwide. 

Our story is one of empathy, passion, and an unwavering commitment to our authors. We reward the stubborn pursuit to become a published author. Ram Forward.  

Saint Baker – founder & owner

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– John Doe


– John Doe

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Lovers Belong in Straitjackets

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